PayPal or Square Cash? New payment solutions for fundraisers


Have you ever seen any advertisements when you are skimming through Wikipedia pages? Even though Wikipedia is one of the most viewed websites in the world, it’s still advertisement or commerce free. So wow they fund their operation? Wikimedia Foundation raises their funds through fundraising. Since they collect donations from around the world, they offer donors various payment options. One of the primary payment options is  PayPal.

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Pay Pal

Have you checked your PayPal account recently? Their UX is much better now; plus, they allow you to receive donations in several ways. Here are four ways to raise funds or collect donations via PayPal.

(But before using any PayPal services, you need to have a merchant account unless you are receiving a donation as an individual(although your charity will receive discount rate). If you have an unverified account, you can accept only $500 max per month. The domestic transaction fee for registered charity organization in Canada is 1.6% + $0.3)


PayPal.Me allows you to set up your own account, share, tweet or text the link and ask your friends, customers or supporters to send you money. PayPal.Me is available in countries listed here. The sender needs to have their own PayPal account, and you can request the specific amount in a specific currency by sending a link such as PayPal.Me/Basa/25CAD. If you want to accept a donation as an organization, you may need to pay 1.6% + $0.3 per transaction. Please see the PayPal’s fees page for the detail.

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PayPal Here

If you are at a fundraising gala, you always want to accept donations in a very smooth and quick way so that you don’t disrupt your guest’s good mood.  PayPal Here offers a secure on-site credit card payment service similar to Square. You can use your free PayPal Here swipe card readers or type the card number directly on your PayPal Here mobile app. Unfortunately, PayPal here is not available outside of the US.

Request money or Send a Gift

If your donor pledges and wants to send a donation via mobile later, you can send a request to donors. Donors also can send a donation as a beautiful digital gift card.


PayPal Donation button or PayPal Express Checkout

If you are using fundraising platform like Classy, FundRazr or Blackbaud Luminate Online Marketing, you may find ease in integrating PayPal into your CRM.  Otherwise, you just need to your own merchant account and create your own button. PayPal Express Checkout is available for donors who have activated their PayPal OneTouch already.

Square Cash

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.41.36 PM

On the Wikimedia Foundation’s Ways to Give, you can now donate by using Square Cash. Square Cash allows you to send the money by simply sending an email to a charity with the amount you want to pay in the subject line and cc Or if it’s your first time using the service, you need to type their debit card number on the organization’s web page or your Square Cash App. The money sent is at first deposited into the charity’s Square account, and they can transfer it to their bank account after 1 business day.

There are no surcharges to send the money, but the recipient(if they use a business account) needs to pay the fees.

Unfortunately, Square Cash is still not available in Canada according to Square.  So this means Interac and PayPal continue to dominate the P2P money transfer sphere in the north of the border as other Canadian fin-tech start-ups such as Payso are shutting down its operation. Also as I wrote in the previous post about fundraising on Facebook, many Facebook’s payment/fundraising functions are still not available in Canada. Hope this situation will change eventually and we can see more donation transaction options available outside of the US.

If you know any awesome new payment services available for Canadians, please leave a comment below! Your contribution is much appreciated!


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